Dave's '85 Delta-88 Royale

I painted my car myself, in my back yard. The color is a medium metallic gray, just as it was from the factory. The paint is Glasurit 55 Line base / clear, and polished with Zaino. New chrome on the bumpers, polished trim, and many, many hours of work.

Passenger side view, in the local park. 


New emblem, hood ornament, headlight bezels, and one seriously big hood.

Painted SSIII wheels. Not stock for the Delta, but Oldsmobile none the less.



Twilight in Mom's driveway.


Fat Guy (me) with his trusty Sata Minijet2 Touch-up gun.


Just so you know, here's what happens if you use a different pressure on your gun when spraying metallics during a touchup session. Up close the door and rear fender looked perfectly matched, but in the right light (like this photo) it sticks out like a sore thumb. No choice here but to sand and shoot again.

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