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85 Delta

My 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale

My Daily Beater - 1985 Olds Delta 88 Royale, 4 door. 307 V-8 motor, maybe someday to be a 403 (if I live longer than the 307). 250,000 miles (as of March 2011). Not sure how much longer she’ll last, but she doesn’t owe me a nickel.

Purchased for $1500 in May of 1997. In 2002 I did a complete paint job (did it myself), new SSIII wheels, rebuilt the tranny, rechromed the bumpers, and put in a Pioneer CD player and some new speakers.

Nine years later, it’s a beater again. New England Winters take a toll.

Just ain't enough B-bodies on the Web. Had to put her here.


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About Me... (Thanks for asking)


Old Fart

Joe and His Dad:

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Lifelong resident of Connecticut.


Electrical Engineer, including 17 years as an Aerospace Test Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, and general technical Bozo. Presently employed in the Security Access industry as a Software Engineer. Experienced in C++, Dot Net, and numerous assembly languages. Favorite work related functions are drinking coffee, napping at lunchtime in my Delta-88, and developing embedded system microprocessor based controllers. Hey, it's a livin'....

 Available as an Engineering Consultant, if you've got money...


 One. Joseph.



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Other Vehicles:

1975 Norton 850 Commando. England's finest vertical twin motorcycle. Mine looks, runs & rides like factory new (original owner). When I need to go fast, or want some attention from the masses.

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Stuff I Do...

Olds Webring:

Hang with other Olds freaks in a mailing list. A cool place to get help finding parts for or fixing your precious Oldsmobile. See the links below if you're interested.


The world's most popular male hobby. Been at it, ummm....maybe 30 years.

Shootin' Pool:

Member of the American Poolplayers' Association and captain of a local team. My night out with the boys (someday we get to go to Vegas, if we could only win once in a while).


Riding and maintaining my 1974 Nort0n 850 Commando, which I’ve had since new.


My Favorite Links...

Olds Club of America


Olds Google Group Signup

Norton Commando Forum

Oldsmobile G Body Mail List  (And later model Olds’)

Bargain News Online (Connecticut's Cars-&-Stuff-For-Sale Magazine)

Art Bell's Coast To Coast ('Cuz I'm weird)



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